- Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) adalah salah satu jenis tes untuk mengukur kemampuan dalam berbahasa Inggris yang biasanya digunakan untuk syarat masuk Universitas di Amerika Serikat atau negara-negara lainnya.

Saat ini ada dua jenis tes TOEFL, yaitu internet-based test dan paper-based test. Setiap jenis test tersebut mencakup beberapa bagian, seperti reading section, writing section, listening section, hingga speaking section.

Untuk internet-based test:

* Reading : 60-80 menit yang terdiri dari 36-56 pertanyaan

* Listening: 60-90 menit yang terdiri dari 34-51 pertanyaan

* Short break: 10 menit

* Speaking : 20 menit yang terdiri dari 6 tugas

* Writing : 50 menit untuk menulis 2 esai

Untuk paper-based test

* Listening : 30-40 menit yang terdiri dari 50 pertanyaan

* Writing : 25 menit yang terdiri dari 40 pertanyaan

* Reading : 55 menit yang terdiri dari 50 pertanyaan

* TWE test: 30 menit untuk Menulis 1 esai

Pada tes internet-based atau tes yang menggunakan komputer total skor penilaian berada kisaran 216-677. Sedangkan paper-based tes atau tes yang menggunakan kertas sebagai medianya, skor penilaian berada kisaran 450-550 ke atas. Nilai hasil tes TOEFL berkisar antara: 310 untuk nilai minimum sampai 677 untuk nilai maksimum.

Nah, untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut mengenai contoh soal TOEFL, simak ulasan berikut ini yang sudah dirangkum dari berbagai sumber pada Selasa (4/10).

Contoh soal TOEFL bagian Structure and Written Expression. 

23 Contoh soal TOELF dan kunci jawabannya berbagai sumber


1. ____ the demands of aerospace, medicine, and agriculture, engineers are creating exotic new metallic substances.

(A) Meet

(B) Being met are

(C) To meet

(D) They are meeting

2. ____ James A. Bland, “Carry Me Back to Old Virginny” was adopted as the state song of Virginia in 1940.

(A) Was written

(B) His writing was

(C) He wrote the

(D) Written by

3. I wish you would tell me ____

(A) Who is being lived next door

(B) Who does live in the next door

(C) Who lives next door

(D) Who next door was living

4. Refugee migration is at ____ worldwide

(A) An all time high

(B) The all time high

(C) All times high

(D) The high all time

5. In the realm of psychological theory Margaret F. Washburn was a dualist ____ that motor phenomena have an essential role in psychology.

(A) who she believed

(B) who believed

(C) believed

(D) who did she believe

6. Mary Garden, ____- the early 1900’s was considered one of the best singing actresses of her time.

(A) a soprano was popular

(B) in a popular soprano

(C) was a popular soprano

(D) a popular soprano in

7. The Eiffel Tower ____ Paris, France.

(A) landmarks

(B) is landmarked in

(C) is a landmark in

(D) is in a landmark

8. Not until a dog is several months old does it begin to exhibit signs of independence ____.

(A). its mother from

(B). from mother

(C). to mother

(D). from its mother

9. The observation deck at the Sears Tower ____ in Chicago.

(A). is highest than any other one

(B). is highest then any other one

(C). is higher than any other one

(D). is higher that any other one

10. If she ____ to advance her clock one hour, she wouldn’t have been late for work.

(A). should have remembered

(B). could remembered

(C). remembered

(D). would have remembered

11. At the 1984 Democratic National Convention in San Francisco, Geraldine Ferraro became the first woman ____ for the vice presidency.

(A). to being nominated

(B). to has been nominated

(C). to have been nominated

(D). to will be nominated

12. If it _____so cloudy, we would plan on having the fair outside.

(A). was

(B). was not

(C). weren’t

(D). had not

13. In the (A) United States, there (B) are much (C) holidays throughout the (D) year.

14. Phoenix, Arizona, stands (A) where the Honokam Indians built a canal system (B) and carried on (C) irrigated farming before long (D) the time of Columbus.

15. Founded by (A) the Spanish as (B) Yerba Buena in 1835, what is now San Francisco was taken (C) over by the United States in 1846 and later renamed it (D).

16. The midnight sun is (A) a phenomenon in which the Sun visible remains (B) in the sky for twenty-four hours or longer (D).


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