- Video sebuah mobil SUV Mitsubishi ini dishare hingga 60.000 kali lebih. Video ini juga mengundang komentar sebanyak 18.000 lebih.

Wajar jika share dan komentarnya sangat tinggi karena apa yang terjadi betul-betul di luar dugaan. Mobil keren tetapi mendapati ruang parkir yang begitu mudah justru tidak bisa.

Selengkapnya ini videonya:



Here is the complete sequence of events in that Mitsubishi Montero Sport incident. See for yourself. Two things immediately jump out:1. They were having serious difficulty parking the vehicle into the slot they were targeting, so much so that it necessitated a change of drivers; and2. The brake lights were PERFECTLY FINE. How come they stopped functioning all of a sudden when the second driver took the wheel?Another question: How come ABS-CBN didn't show the early part of the video? Just asking.

Posted by TOP GEAR PHILIPPINES on Thursday, November 26, 2015